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In order to run the moorings safely and in the best interests of all users, the following house rules must be complied with.

  • Selby Boat Centre (hereinafter “SBC”) accept no responsibility for loss, damage or delay arising from any cause whatsoever, unless such loss, damage or delay was caused by, or resulted from indisputable negligence of SBC or any person for whom SBC is or was directly responsible.
  • All boats and gear are moored, repaired, worked on, moved, craned, stored, managed and kept at the sole risk of the Owner(s). Customers must therefore ensure that their boat, property, family, crew and or visitors are fully insured against all risks, including third party risks, the latter as they may be liable for any damage caused by their boat, family, crew or visitors whilst on or about SBC. Moorers must provide a copy of their Insurance Document to SBC.
  • Access is granted to SBC outside normal office hours (currently 09:00 to 15:30 Monday to Friday, 10:30 to 15:30  at weekends. Please ensure that out side these hours, that the gate is kept closed with lock fitted and combination not on display. Anyone found abusing out of hours access or leaving the gate unlocked will have their access removed. If you need to contact us outside office hours please do not hesitate to ring us on 07525 853355.
  • Please ensure that dogs are kept under control and on a lead whilst on the site.  If they do ‘poop’ on site please ‘scoop’ it up and dispose of it responsibly. A fine of £50 per pile of poop discovered will be levied to any boat owner or visitor not cleaning up after their dog.
  • No persons under 18 years of age may be granted access to the site unless accompanied by a moorer. Furthermore any such person must be supervised at all times and may only be on the moorer’s vessel, and not at anytime allowed to “play” within the boundaries of SBC.
  • When parking your car, please use the designated car parking areas and park as close to the edge of each bay, or as near to the next car as possible.  Cars are not to be parked in the turning bay at the end of the site nor on the roadway between the parking areas and the turning bay.
  • As security of the moorings and the site is one of our prime concerns, all visitors (including visitors to moorers) are required to report to reception/chandlery on arrival.  Equally, it is in moorer’s best interest to question boaters that moor-up, after normal hours that are not moored at SBC, and point out that visitor moorings are available at the Selby Lock Basin.
  • Because cars, pedestrians and animals are using the same area, the speed limit on the site if 5mph.  Please ensure that children are not endangered when maneuvering your car.  Also, bear in mind that this is a working boat yard and take care that you do not hazard yourself by entering working areas.
  • The visibility at the entrance and exit from the car park onto the highway is low.  Please take extra care and make sure that the road is clear before entering or leaving the site.
  • During the winter period, moorer’s are responsible for clearing the snow and ice from their own area.
  • Metered electricity will be available at each berth for domestic use, and is charged at the same rate as we pay our supplier (Currently NPower). Connection leads may be purchased in the Chandlery.
  • The water supply comes from a metered supply.  Please use as much water as you need for filling up your water tank, but do not use it for washing the outside of your boat.
  • Because of the requirements of the Health and Safety legislation, moorers are not to carry out any engineering work, including painting and the preparation work for painting, whilst on their mooring, without prior permission.  Please bear in mind that any work you do can affect the health and safety of other people or contaminate the environment.  An ‘engineering bay’ will be available to rent.  Moorer’s are expressly prohibited from employing external workers to carry out work on their boats, except with the express written permission of the site manager.  Skilled engineers are employed by SBC, and as such permission will not normally be granted.
  • No craft, whether under contract or not, may be sold from SBC, without the express written permission of SBC. Any such sale, where not transacted through the offices of our Brokerage service, may be subjected to a minimum fee of 10% of the inclusive sale price.
  • The filling of fuel tanks from portable fuel containers is not permitted whilst boats are moored at SBC due to the possibility of fuel spillage; please remove your boat from SBC before doing so.
  • At all times you are bound by the Canal & River Trust’s licensing and mooring rules (copy available from the Canal & River Trust) in addition to the SBC House Rules.
  • Please ensure that your actions do not offend other moorers.
  • Moorers are granted a licence to moor their boat at the site whilst they have paid their mooring fee. This does not confer any rights to remain on the site after the expiration of the licence period. 
  • The licence to moor may be revoked with immediate effect at the manager’s discretion for any breach of the Mooring Terms & Conditions.
  • Mooring fees are non refundable or transferable and are due for the full contract period, whether the mooring is used or not.
  • The licence to moor may be revoked by the management at any time, and for any reason other than a breach of the Mooring Terms & Conditions at its sole discretion. In this instance, a minimum of one calendar months notice will be given by SBC. Any mooring fees paid for any period after the notice period will be refunded in full by SBC.
  • Mooring fees are payable on receipt of invoice. Mooring fees may be paid in full, or by standing order (please contact us for our bank details). Please contact us immediately if you cannot pay by one of these methods. If your moorings invoice is not paid for in full by 01st April for the period to which it relates, or if we have not received confirmation from you that you have set up your standing order to commence on 01st April, we may cancel your mooring contract and re-let your mooring space.
  • Acceptable methods of payment for moorings and accounts are; cash, bank transfer, standing order, debit card or maestro. (card will incur a surcharge of 3.4%, at the time of payment).
  • SBC reserves the right to impound your vessel until full payment is received, or in extreme cases sell your vessel to recover any monies owed; in such cases a brokerage fee of 10% will be charged in connection with the sale of the vessel.






  • Any fit-out or maintenance work on boats sited at Selby Boat Centre (hereinafter “SBC”) is to be carried out by SBC staff. As a concession, the owner, or the owner accompanied by their immediate family[*], may carry out their own work so long as it is within their capabilities and they comply with the requirements of Health and Safety and Environment legislation.  SBC will not be liable for any accident or damage occasioned by people carrying out their own work.  Under no circumstance is an external worker (NB// External workers include other moorers and friends) to carry our work on the site at the request of an owner, save with the express written permission of the site manager.  (Permission will not normally be given unless the work is outside the scope of centre staff.)
  • In the event that permission is granted by SBC for work to be undertaken by an external 3rd party, said 3rd party must produce to SBC a copy of their Liability Insurance to a minimum cover of £2,000,000.00. Furthermore a charge will be imposed at a minimum rate of £25.00 per day to any moorer using unauthorised external contractors on site, (the only exception being where SBC have organized said contractor). Any Breach of this rule will result in immediate termination of your mooring contract.
  • No person using the facilities at SBC may sell any item of chandlery or equipment to any other user, any Breach of this rule will result in immediate termination of your mooring contract.
  • All self-help work is to be carried out using tools suitable for the task taking care not to cause a nuisance to other people.  Any waste material produced as a result of self help maintenance is to be disposed of, off site, by the person carrying out the work.  It is not to be dumped on site. Weekly inspections of the site will be undertaken, and a fine of £50.00 will be charged on each occasion for the removal of rubbish.
  • No commercial activities, of any nature, may be carried out at SBC without prior express written agreement of the SBC management.
  • Electrical tools must be checked for electrical safety by site staff prior to use on the site. 
  • Maintenance materials and equipment are to be kept within the confines of the boat areas.  Only materials required for immediate use are to be kept on site.
  • The site management must be informed and their written permission given if you intend to bring inflammable or dangerous material onto the site.  If in doubt, ask.
  • Environmental laws require the use of dust collecting equipment when removing contaminating materials.  Where dust collection equipment is not viable, then other methods, such as laying down and surrounding with polythene sheeting, are to be used.
  • Contaminated bilge water is not be disposed of into the canal or onto the site.  The disposal of waste oil and contaminated material is the responsibility of the owner, or the person causing the contaminant.  Contaminated material is not to be dumped at the site.
  • Please remember that staff employed by Selby Boat Centre are working on the site and their Health and Safety must be protected, as must that of other site users.  Yours actions must ensure that their lives are not endangered.


I certify that I have read and understood the Moorers House Rules, for mooring at Selby Boat Centre, and have enclosed a copy of my Boat Safety Certificate and Boat Insurance Document.


Date:                                                                   Rules Issue:           11.1         


Boat Name:                                                                                                        

Boat Type:                                                                                                         

Licence No:                                                         Expiry Date:                            

Safety Cert No:                                                   Expiry Date:                            

Insurance No:                                                      Expiry Date:                            



Contact Telephone Number: Daytime……………………….…………. Evening……….………………………….

Countersigned, for and on behalf of, Selby Boat Centre



[*] The immediate family is, the owner plus partner and their children and/or their parents, proof of ID may be requested.


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